Bunny Buds
Perfect for rabbit lovers everywhere! Lay down and snuggle with your cute bunny pals. One hug and you'll...
Pillow Pals Collection
Squishy, long, and full of love! Pillow pals are ready to take you to the far away land...
Squishy Cuties Collection
What's squishy, stretchy, and absolutely adorable? Look no further than Squishy Cuties! A variety of animals that are...
Sweet Kawaii Collection
Sweet, spice, and everything kawaii! Get your favorite fluffy plush pillow for an affordable price. Never feel lonely...
Plush Buds Collection
Cute, cuddly and soft. Nothing compares to these plushie buds filled with soft cotton and smooth fur. Perfect...
Kawaii Crew Collection
Kawaii, soft, and comfy. You're looking for a squeezable pal? Look no further than the Kawaii Crew! These...
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