Mochi Seal
Filled with soft cotton, cuddle with your favorite mochi seals! If you're a love of everything Under the...
Kawaii Octopus
This cute octopus plush has a two-sided face full of the sea's dreams. Whether you're happy or sad,...
Mochi Duckies
A plushie that quacks to the soul! Made especially for you in the shape of a bite-sized mochi....
Pengu the Penguin
Pengu the Penguin needs a friend as they set out on their artic adventures. Will you be through...
Pillow Pals Collection
Squishy, long, and full of love! Pillow pals are ready to take you to the far away land...
Squishy Cuties Collection
What's squishy, stretchy, and absolutely adorable? Look no further than Squishy Cuties! A variety of animals that are...
Pillow Buddies Collection
Having a hard time sleeping? Pillow buddies will never let you down. Enjoy a serene sleep with these...
Birthday Buds Collection
The perfect git for a birthday bash! These buddies will keep you company on your birthday celebration. Soft,...
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